Our menu has been hand crafted with love for you.

If your a fan of authentic Mediterranean cuisine or just open to trying something new, stop in and try one of our fresh Chicken Shawarma sandwiches and no Mediterranean feast would be complete with out some great hummus, Garlic sauce, or tabbouleh salad.


Chicken Shawarma Sandwich

Falafel Sandwich

Meat Grape Leaf Sandwich

Hummus Tabbouleh Sandwich

Spicy Chicken
Shawarma Sandwich

Spicy Falafel Sandwich

Veggie Grape Leaf Sandwich


All Meals come with your choice of Rice, Fattoush salad and a side of your choice and chips or pita bread!

Meat Shish Kabob$12.99
Shish Tawook$11.99
Shish Kafta (2 piece)$11.99
Grape Leafs (5 meat or 6 veggie)$10.99
falafel plate$10.49
hummus w/ chicken $11.99

Soups and Sides

Add a small side for $2.99 to any lunch sandwich or order them individually

Sides to-go

Hummussm$5.99 lg$9.99
Baba Ganoushsm$5.99 lg$9.99
Garlic Saucesm$2.99 lg$5.49
Noodle Ricesm$2.99 med$4.99
Pita chips$1.75
Family size chips$4.50
B's Dipsm$2.99 lg $5.49


Crushed Lentil Soup$4.50
Chicken Lemon Rice Soup$4.50


fattoush Sm$5.99 lg$10.99
tabboulehsm $4.99 lg$8.99


Lady Fingers$1.75

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